We have been working with some fabulous bloggers since Babymule was launched so with a new blog and website we thought it was only right to introduce you to some of the fabulous people we are working with. Today we have Hannah from HiBabyBlog to share a little how Babymule helps her with her adventures.
Hi Hannah! Tell us a little about you and your family/blog.
I’m Hannah, I live in Belfast with my boyfriend Matt, our toddler Luisa and our cocker spaniel Cali. Luisa will be three in May which I can hardly believe! Time has gone by so quickly. I started my blog ‘Hi Baby’ as a diary and a space to be creative when I was pregnant. Once Luisa came along I continued documenting her life, I love recording all the memories we’re making and the adventures we have.
Which Babymule do you have and what do you love about it?
I’ve had the plum Babymule for about two years now and it still looks like new! I love how strong it is and how comfortable it is to wear even when it’s bulging. We’ve taken it all over the world and wouldn’t be without it.
Where was the last place you visited and what was your favourite thing about it?
Last we we were in Philadelphia and Washington DC, of course our babymule came with! My favourite thing about Philadelphia was how welcoming the city is. The people were so friendly and we found all the attractions to be really engaging and accessible for all ages. It’s a city steeped in history so we really had a great time learning and exploring.
Why do you think Babymule makes a good travelling companion?
I feel like a babymule is the ‘mother of all backpacks’. It can hold almost anything in style! I’ve used it for solo trips too and never felt like I had my ‘baby bag’ with me, it’s so versatile.


Are you planning your next #BabymuleAdventure? Where are you planning to go and why?
We’re always planning another adventure… or two! I think our next trip is to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day and were also pencilling in some camping trips for the summer. I’m hoping to go to Teddy Rocks and Stendhal, two family friendly festivals in Dorset and Limavady respectively. The babymule will be perfect for all our outdoor fun as it washes really well.

Finally – Have you got a top travelling with kids tips we need to know about!
Oh it’s hard to give just one that will apply to all kinds of trips. If I had to commit I’d say, plan ahead but be ready to change. Travelling with kids is extremely fun and rewarding but it can be hard work, for them too! I feel like a good itinerary is key but you have to be flexible especially with toddlers who can get a bit overwhelmed. Don’t ruin your trip by thinking everything has to be perfect and on schedule at all times, just enjoy the ride.
Thanks Hannah! What exciting travels and a great tip too!
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