If you are in the last trimester of pregnancy then you’ll have started to think about that could go in your hospital bag ready for baby’s arrival. So what do you really need?

Your maternity notes.

Sounds simple but with baby brain you never know!

Comfy and lose clothing.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be maternity or nursing wear but lose clothing helps around your tummy so pop in a pair of yoga style pants. Nursing tops are great for skin to skin but if money is tight why not try a size up in vest tops? A set of ‘normal’ vest tops is fine to use as long as they are stretchy.

Take a few spare pairs of maternity pants or size up again. Maternity pads by the dozen! You’ll need at least 3 packs in those first days and although the hospital usually supply them it’s worth having your own so you don’t have to keep asking for your own or their stock to be replenished.

Your own water bottle.

The Labour ward will usually give jugs of water and plastic cups to each patient. Taking your own bottle is great on the ward to avoid spills and also to make sure you keep up your fluid intake. You’ll be bed bound for anything up to 3 days depending on your recovery so add a bottle of squash to your bag and some snacks that can be kept close for easy reach.

Your mouth can be very dry (especially if you have gas and air!) so water bottles are great for any hospital bag!

A few little luxuries.

Think about taking some foot spray, hand sanitiser and hand cream in your hospital bag. Perfect for cleaning anything from change mat to water spills and also keeping everyone hands a bit cleaner (if you have siblings visiting this is essential). The hand cream was perfect for soothing any dry skin on hands and feet especially feet.

A hydrating toner spray РYou skin may feel dry after gas and air as well as just getting very tired during labour too.

Other toiletries you’ll think about taking are face wipes (for those times you can’t or don’t have help to have a wash in bed), deodorant, dry shampoo, hair brush, toothbrush and tooth paste. But these are your usual essentials for everyone really! Think about the things that make you feel more normal at home.

And finally you’ll need your phone charger and possibly a back up charger. You need enough juice to share your exciting news!

What essentials are going into your Babymule as a hospital bag?