Easter is upon us – the season of cute baby animals and constantly wiping chocolatey hand prints off your furniture. There are always plenty of local events to keep the kids entertained during the Easter hols (don’t forget your Babymule if you’re off on an adventure!), but if you fancy organising your own egg hunt this year, it doesn’t have to complicated to be loads of fun.
Take it to your local park.
Make the most of the spring sunshine and hide your eggs in one area of your nearest park or green space. It’s harder to set up in advance when you’re using a public space, so why not print off some activity sheets and send the kids off to complete them in another bit of the park while you hide the chocolate.
If it’s rainy, do it indoors.
Spring showers don’t have to be a deal breaker for a fun egg hunt. If there’s not much space at home, you can write clues for the location of each egg and have the kids solve them one at a time or as a group before they go off to find the prize. Follow up with a Easter movie marathon while they eat their winnings.
Have a treasure hunt.
Hide the eggs in a treasure chest, draw a map (where X marks the spot, of course!), and get the kids to dress up as Easter pirates. They can work together to find the treasure and then divide up the spoils when they find it. Arrr! You can throw in some riddles or clues to make it harder for older kids, too.
Colour code your egg hunt.
Give each child a colour (or even have them wear their colour) and then have them hunt for only eggs that match. This is a brilliant way of making sure everyone gets the same amount of eggs and avoiding the inevitable “It’s not fair!” meltdown.
Enough already with the chocolate? Try other treats!
Think outside the box and you can come up with an egg hunt that’s just as fun without all the sugar. Try filling plastic eggs with little paper slips and writing other kid-friendly treats on them – like watching a movie, taking a trip to the toy shop, going to the park or playing football. Your child can keep them and cash them in during the Easter holidays