If you (or your partner) are heading into your final trimester of pregnancy, chances are you’ve spent several nights awake worrying about everything that needs to be done before baby comes. It’s certainly a busy time, when parents-to-be often launch into fervent spring cleaning, decluttering, last minute purchasing and even home improvements!

Photo by Sadık Kuzu on Unsplash

Packing a hospital bag for you and your baby is probably near the top of your list as the due date approaches. Following on from our list of what to pack for you, here are some ideas for how to fill your Babymule with everything your newborn will need at the hospital or birthing centre. That’s one thing ticked off the to do list…

Vests and Sleepsuits

Your newborn will need something practical to wear on their first day. With both of you tired from birth, the last thing you’ll want is to faff around with complicated clothing. Plain vests and sleepsuits with poppers at the bottom are perfect for easy nappy changes – save the cute outfits for home. Bring two or three, just in case, and don’t forget to check the weight recommendation against the expected weight of your baby; you don’t want to end up with a sleepsuit that’s too small for an eight pound baby beast!

Newborn-Friendly Babywipes

Yes, the hospital or birthing centre will have these, but unless you want to wait around for the busy staff to help you out, it’s best to pack some of your own. They’re useful for a whole lot more than nappy changes, too.

Baby Blanket

The hospital will provide bedding when you’re there, but baby might need something cosy for travelling home if it’s cool outside.


You’ll be surprised how many changes a newborn will need! Take plenty, but remember that you can always send your birth partner out for more so don’t go overboard. Again, make sure you get the right size for the weight of your newborn.

Muslin Squares

These are possibly the most multi-tasking item a parent can own. Pack a few in your hospital bag to mop up spills and anything your baby brings up after feeding.

Hat, Gloves and Socks

If you’ve gone super practical with your sleepsuits then you might not need separates. But if your baby will have bare hands, feet or head, pack something to keep them warm on the journey home. Soft jersey is best because it’s gentle on delicate, newborn skin.

Outdoor Layer for Autumn and Winter Babies

Babies born later in the year will probably need an outdoor suit or coat to keep them warm – especially if you’re going to be outside for any length of time. Don’t forget to take it off if they’ll be in a car, though, so they don’t overheat. And while we’re on the subject of cars, don’t forget your car seat!

Small Cuddly Toy

Your newborn will be too young for toys just yet, but it can be nice to include a little plushie in a few of baby’s first photographs. Just make sure it’s something that’s safe from birth onwards.

Remember…bring two of everything if it’s twins!