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Three Easy Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

It’s important to stay fit and healthy when you’re making a little person, and there are loads of pregnancy-friendly ways to do that - from walking and swimming to pregnancy fitness apps that help you adapt your gym routines (don’t forget that your Babymule also makes...

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What To Pack In Your Baby’s Hospital Bag

If you (or your partner) are heading into your final trimester of pregnancy, chances are you’ve spent several nights awake worrying about everything that needs to be done before baby comes. We have made it a little easier with a list of what your should pack for baby’s arrival.

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A Practical Guide To Mum Hospital Bag

If you are in the last trimester of pregnancy then you'll have started to think about that could go in your hospital bag ready for baby's arrival. So what do you really need? Your maternity notes. Sounds simple but with baby brain you never know! Comfy and lose...

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Spring Gardening With The Kids

Hooray! It looks like Spring is finally here so its time to get out into the garden with the kids! Even if you don’t have green fingers, there are some really lovely, simple activities you can do at home to help teach little ones about growing and gardening. Here are...

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Making A Holiday Bucket List

Have you ever made a bucket list? It’s basically a list of things that you want to do before a certain length of time is up. Lots of people tend to make them before they reach birthdays that are considered a milestone, but for kids its a lovely idea to do one for the...

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